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Six Common Issues Home Sellers Try to Hide

December 13, 2019

Six Common Issues Home Sellers Try to Hide

Buying an old home is an undertaking fraught with risks. Unlike a new home, that resale dream home could turn out to be a nightmare due to hidden flaws. Some sellers conceal home defects in a bid for a top-dollar offer or a quick sale. While a home buyer can take legal action after discovering such flaws, it can be a costly and inconvenient process. To make the right decision, a home buyer should look out for the following common problems home sellers try to conceal.

Problems With Leaks 

Problematic leaks range from roof leaks and basement moisture issues to plumbing leaks, foundation leaks, and wall seepage. Home sellers and their agents are supposed to disclose any such problems, but, unfortunately, some don’t. They try to conceal issues with a fresh coat of paint and by offering incentives to waive inspections, among other tactics.

Pest Problems

A house might look perfect, but there might be danger lurking beyond the floor and walls. Disclosure laws in some states require the home seller to reveal a pest problem. However, some use new woodwork, painting, and other methods to hide this problem from prospective buyers.


A damp home is a hard sell, and, for this reason, many home sellers try to conceal the problem. Mold and mildew growth are the main warning signs of dampness issues. Home sellers use scented candles in affected rooms to hide the musky smell of mold.

Structural Problems

There’s a wide range of structural problems that home sellers would like to hide. They include uneven floors, cracking walls, a faulty foundation, and a sagging roof. A home inspector can help detect such hidden problems.

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