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Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

A newly built two-story home representing the benefits of buying a new build home with Robertson Homes in Michigan

August 30, 2019

Benefits of Buying a New Build Home

Some people are drawn to stately older homes in historic parts of America's towns and cities. It's true that older homes can sometimes display handcrafted touches and features that aren't available in newer homes, but it's also true that these idyllic facades often hide a whole host of headaches. Smart home buying involves weighing all of the pros and cons before making a purchase. Here are just a few of the reasons why newly built homes may be a better choice for home buyers.

Environmental Benefits

New homes offer great environmental advantages over older ones. Building codes are regularly updated to require improved energy efficiency that wasn't available in homes twenty or even ten years ago. Newer homes have a tighter seal on the "building envelope" that cuts down on drafts, preventing warm air from seeping out in the winter and keeping cool air inside during the summer. Newer homes often come with things like double-pane windows and high-efficiency appliances already installed.

Freedom of Choice

Home buying can be pretty stressful for many people, as the choices can seem at once overwhelming and insufficient. Working with a builder directly to purchase a new build home frees home buyers from the limits of what's already been built and allows them to choose the perfect design that's right for them. From the floor plan right down to the finish materials, buying new is perfect for getting your personal style into every aspect of your home.

Less Hassle

The biggest drawback to an older home is often the age itself. No matter how sturdily built, homes will eventually start to deteriorate after a number of years, and older homes are far more likely to need maintenance and repair. New homes have the inherent advantage of being new but are also built with modern composite materials that can withstand wear and tear much better than the building materials of a generation ago.

Robertson Homes has been a premier home builder in the Detroit area for more than 70 years. We've made our name by providing buyers with great homes in fantastic communities, all with customizable touches to let residents build the home of their dreams. We make home buying easy by providing our clients with the comprehensive resources they need throughout the entire building process, from design to close. Contact us today at (248) 657-4968 for more information.

What Our Homebuyers Are Saying

This was our first (and only)new home building experience and after hearing horror stories from friends experiences, we were nervous about it. Maria, Ebon, Tim and Michelle made the whole process go smoothly and we couldn't be happier. Everyone we've dealt with has been outstanding. We tell everyone we know about our experience.

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