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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

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March 23, 2020

Four Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

Some simple mistakes made while building a new home could lead to costly renovations and repairs down the line. Avoiding these four mistakes can mean avoiding unexpected expenses mere years after moving in.

Choosing the Wrong Home Plan

When choosing a home plan for a new home, prioritize practicality. Instead of thinking of what guests will think when they visit, it will pay off much more to consider which rooms you will use the most. For example, it makes sense to have bathrooms and laundry rooms close to bedrooms for convenience. It's also crucial to keep bedrooms away from noisy shared spaces or walls that line busy roads to avoid noise becoming a problem. Choosing the right size for your home can also ensure you're not overspending on the initial cost or maintenance.

Not Checking Builder References

Working with a trusted builder can mean the difference in thousands of dollars and countless hours. Using an untrustworthy buyer may mean hidden fees as well as delayed results. It's important to check references and read reviews.

Neglecting Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home isn't only a greener home, it's also a more affordable home. Simple modifications can mean hundreds of dollars of savings every year. For example, the Department of Energy found that installing energy-efficient windows and doors can reduce heat loss by 25% to 50%, and energy-efficient lighting can reduce lighting energy by 50% to 75%.

Adding High-Maintenance Features

Aesthetic features such as natural stone or marble can add gorgeous touches to a home, but they can also be a headache. High-maintenance components can rack up costs with routine maintenance over the years, and neglecting them can lead to damage that requires expensive replacement. Low-maintenance, modern materials such as tile flooring come in modern, attractive styles and can greatly reduce your upkeep hours and costs over the years.

When building a new home, you can watch as your design dreams come to life. It's crucial to work with a professional home builder like Robertson Homes to avoid making mistakes that could cost thousands down the line. We offer personalized home construction with a diverse selection of floor plans in the hottest areas in Southeast Michigan. For more information, call Robertson Homes at (248) 505-0686 today.

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