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How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Home

January 13, 2020

How to Choose the Right Colors for Your Home

Color is one of the most effective decor techniques to add personality to your new home. The color palette you choose can dramatically change the outlook of your home. With so many colors available, finding the best for your home is not always easy. Here are some ideas to get inspired.

Consider the Use of the Space 

Before choosing a color for any room, consider how you want to use the space. For instance, white is suitable for the bathroom and hallways, but it may be too plain for the living room. Consider the mood you want to create in a particular room and find an appropriate color to get the desired effect. Cooler shades like blue, green, and purple generally invoke a calm, relaxing environment, while warm colors—variations of red, orange, and yellow—are energizing and bold.

Use Layering

It is not easy to choose one color for everything in your house. Layering allows you to build on different colors for the desired effect. Start with neutral colors for the walls and then select bolder colors that pop through furniture, art, and other accessories.

Build Off Your Current Space

If you already have decor you love, it's easier to choose a color scheme from the largest pattern in the room. This can be from flooring, furniture upholstery, or any other items. You can also start with a bold color in one room then decorate other rooms using variations of that original color. This can help unify the space while keeping it interesting. 

The best decor colors work best in well-built living spaces. At Robertson Homes, our job is to help get you that perfect new home which you can then personalize with your favorite colors. We are full-service home developers serving Bloomfield Hills, MI and the surrounding communities. Ready to find your dream home? Contact us today.

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