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Why Townhomes and Mid-rise Condos Are a Great Option for Detroit Housing

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December 18, 2021

Why Townhomes and Mid-rise Condos Are a Great Option for Detroit Housing

When looking at home construction in Detroit, it can be somewhat challenging to choose what home style works best for you. Metro Detroit has no shortage of different home styles offered at reasonable prices. In recent years, some first-time homebuyers have been opting for townhomes and mid-rise condos instead of single-family homes because of their convenience and community feel. Learn more about all the perks that come with townhomes and mid-rise condos from the knowledgeable team at Robertson Homes.

What Is a Townhome?

A townhome also referred to as a row house, is a multistory home that shares at least one wall with an adjacent property. In most townhomes, you get all the advantages of a single-family home like your own entrance, garage, and patio or deck, but with the added bonus of a lower price tag and not having to take care of property maintenance.

What Are the Perks of Living in a Townhome?

From every stage of life, townhome living offers many benefits to all. The main perk for most who purchase a townhome is the lower price tag. While this might not always be true, townhomes are usually cheaper than stand-alone homes because it's less expensive to construct properties that share walls than building homes separately. Another benefit of living in a townhome is you don't have to worry about yard work and maintenance; at most complexes, property maintenance is paid for in your monthly fees. Townhomes also offer a sense of community because of common area amenities that can include community gardens and parks.

What Is a Mid-rise condo?

Mid-rise condos are usually one to nine stories high and have more units per floor than high-rise condos. In contrast to high-rise condos that are typically located in bustling downtown areas, mid-rise condos normally offer a more relaxed feel in less urbanized areas of cities. Mid-rise condos are also often found in metro areas where city ordinances will not allow for high-rise buildings.

What Are the Perks of Living in a Mid-rise Condo?

Like townhomes, mid-rise condos are usually less expensive than purchasing a stand-alone home, and maintenance fees are included in your monthly payments. Because of their size, mid-rise condos tend to be built in walkable neighborhoods and offer community conveniences like a professional management company to take care of the day-to-day maintenance and shared leisure areas, making them the perfect place to make new friends and start new adventures. In addition to these perks, many mid-rise condos have private balconies or rooftop terraces, perfect for hosting and enjoying cocktails with a view. No matter your lifestyle, there is no denying that living in a mid-rise condo is both comfortable and convenient.

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If you're looking for well-constructed, beautifully designed homes, Robertson Homes has you covered. Over the years, we have constructed numerous mid-rise condos and townhome communities. With over 75 years of experience, we can use our knowledge of home construction in Detroit to help you find your perfect community. Contact our team today to learn more about all of our housing options.

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