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Is Carpet Making a Comeback?

A bedroom with grey carpet

March 15, 2020

Is Carpet Making a Comeback?

Gone are the days when it was common to find carpet in every room of a home, including the kitchen and bathroom. Even though fully carpeted homes may seem out of place, a shift from tile and hardwood flooring toward carpet has taken place in the housing market.

The Pros and Cons of Carpet

Even though flooring obviously offers an aesthetic feature to any room in a home, it's important to consider the practical benefits, as well. Carpet offers many benefits, such as trapping heat during colder months. However, carpets are also more difficult to clean and require more upkeep than tile and hardwood. Carpet also offers comfort and reduced pressure on feet while walking.

Upcoming Trends in Carpet

Carpet has made quite the comeback in the late 2010s and has been featured in many interior design magazines and social media trends. However, carpet is nothing like the shag that was popular in the '70s. Modern carpet trends include carpet tiles that can be mixed and matched to create unique patterns. Print carpet, especially as accent points, has also been a popular feature in many homes. Custom carpet that features the right color for a room is also an eye-catching way to bring a room together.

Alternatives to Carpet

Carpet may be coming back into style, but that doesn't mean the only way to keep up with the Joneses is to cover the house in it. Area rugs are a popular choice as they offer a more affordable and versatile option that can be changed more easily throughout the years. Vinyl cloth floors are also durable, non-slip options perfect for restrooms and kitchens that can offer unique geometric patterns.

Choosing the right flooring can make a new house feel like a home. Robertson Homes has an innovative design studio to help you create the home of your dreams. We've been building homes in Southeast Michigan for the better part of a century, and we can help you create the home of your dreams. Contact us at (248) 505-0686 to learn more.

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Our overall experience can be summed up in one word, great! The house was built while we were down in Florida, and my son-in-law would check on the progress for us. If anything needed to be attended to, Jeff Watkins would take care of it immediately. This worked out great for us. The home was extremely clean! I can't say enough about Jeff Watkins. Being the main contact for Robertson Brothers during the building, Jeff made the project run smoothly, taking care of all the issues in a timely manner. We owe Jeff a big thank you!

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